Westie Q&A

Data taken from 'Westie Discussion of the Day' Facebook page

This went around last week. Now that folks have had some time to digest, do we agree?


From anonymous: I 'liked' a studio page because I am considering taking some group classes, and I was almost immediately sent a friend request from one of the teachers, followed by a message encouraging me to like her weight-loss MLM page, then an event invite for an upc...


Anonymous has a question for native English speakers: How can you dance when you understand the lyrics? I mean – in Europe (except UK of course) it is enough for song to have nice beat, flavor and interesting accents. The guy can sing about shopping, gang wars or sex par...


What are the oldest west coast swing events in America and Canada? How about Europe? Asian countries? New Zealand?


A new twist on an oldie but goodie topic! For the benefit of newer dancers, what are some of the iconic dances done by pros throughout the years that are often referenced? For example, when Benji and Kyle recreated the original dance by Kyle and Sarah this year. Are th...


Marlin is interested in how chronic conditions are in conversation with dancing, whether they are mental or physical, visible or invisible. I hope that talking about these things openly might be cathartic and might help combat some stigma. "I’ll start. I have a variety o...


Question from an anonymous dancer: "Is that a good idea to create an event on working days only? 😀 In other words, do many WCS dancers have flexible work schedule?"

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