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Data taken from 'Westie Discussion of the Day' Facebook page

There's been a lot of talk recently about getting more juniors involved in dancing WCS. I've heard some DJs say that one challenge to including juniors is finding appropriate music. Recommend some fun WCS songs that have no vulgar or suggestive lyrics, aren't about sex or...


Follow up to Tuesday: Someone mentioned they feel events should make clearer what their vibe is in their marketing, and suggested taglines might be a good way to do that. What are some great event taglines you have seen? E.g. - Swingin Dance Party - The Ultimate Soci...


Recently a DJ apologized to the room and blamed a request for playing a Britney Spears song. I'll own my love of cheesy pop songs and wouldn't mind hearing more of them. What are your fave pop songs to dance to?


Monday's question has sparked a follow-up. I'm considering asking a pro to do a routine with me. I've had a private lesson with him once, and I thought it could work. How is it usually done? Do you pay for a package that includes the routine itself and the practice times...


Question: Most westie events have great music, dancers, shows, classes, and accommodations. So to compete for our registration dollars, what perks does some of your fave dance events offer?


From an anonymous dancer (am): I have the choice of doing a pro-am routine with a pro i adore (and have an established relationship with) but absolutely can't compete at the US Open with, or a pro with whom i could go to the open with. Whom do i choose and why? How impo...


Followup to Wednesday: What do people think about there being a WCS Teachers certification? What should or should not be included in such a thing?

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